Validate transaction by token

The ValidateTransactionByToken method can be used to retrieve a completed transaction’s reference number. The reference number can then be used to…???. This call can be useful if for any reason (such as a temporary loss of connection) the Cellarix server did not send a response confirming a transaction, and you want to verify that the transaction was completed.

Pay attention
Before calling the Cellarix API, the business client must obtain a vendor identification key, generated by Cellarix. This key must be passed with each API call. The format of the key is:
<Key> <KeyObj> <PhoneNumber>Supplier phone number</PhoneNumber> <SecureKey>Secure key from Cellarix</SecureKey> </KeyObj> </Key>

Input Parameters
Parameter Type Description
token string The transaction token returned as a result of calling OrderPurchase.
ServiceId int Optional. The numeric ID of the vendor service. This value is useful for differentiating between several consumer services offered by the same business client. After registration, the business client must request Cellarix to allocate the number of service IDs that it needs.
sKey string The business client’s vendor identification key.

Output Parameters
Parameter Type Description
Status\Number int A numeric value indicating success or failure of the call.
1 indicates success. A negative value indicates failure.
See Appendix: Cellarix API Error Codes for more details about error codes.
Status\Message string A textual description of the call’s status (an error message in case of failure).
Data\ReferenceNum string ????????????????????????????????.
Data\TotalPrice string ????????????????????????????????.