SupplierURL callback

The SupplierURL callback method must be implemented in the client application, and passed as the SupplierURL parameter to the OrderPurchase call. This method is called by the Cellarix server after the end user approves the transaction. It provides details about the completed transaction.

Parameter Type Description
Result bool The transaction result:
True – the transaction was completed successfully.
False – the transaction failed.
StatusCode int Transaction status code.
StatusDesc string Transaction status textual description.
SupplierDealId int The client-generated deal ID, passed in the sDealId parameter of the OrderPurchase method.
TransactionNumber int Unique transaction ID assigned by Cellarix.
UserId int The end user’s ID Number.
For ShippingType=1 (physical address):
UserCity string User address city.
UserHouseNumber string User address house number.
UserStreet string User address street name.
UserZipCode string User address zipcode.
For ShippingType=2 (email address):
UserEmailAddress string User email address.
For ShippingType=3 (cell phone “address”):
UserPhoneNumberAddress string User cell phone address.
CCFirst6Digits int The first 6 digits of the end user’s credit card.
CCIdNumber int The ID number of the credit card owner.
CCLast4Digits int The last 4 digits of the end user’s credit card.