Our priority at Cellarix is to protect your personal and credit card details from any possibility of theft, so that you can complete online transactions with complete peace of mind.
We have several safeguards for protecting your data, the most central of which are defined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

The PCI DSS is an information security standard defined by the PCI Security Standards Council,
for the purpose of protecting payment cardholder information from fraud. PCI DSS compliance
is revalidated annually.

PCI DSS is a set of principles that requires organizations that access and store cardholder data to:

•   Encrypt transmission of data across public networks
•   Store the data in a protected, isolated, restricted-access environment
•   Maintain a firewall to protect the data
•   Track and monitor all access to related network resources
•   Enforce security policies on user names and passwords
•   Regularly test security systems and processes

The Cellarix platform is fully compliant with PCI DSS 2.0.

Communication Security
All cardholder data which is passed to and from the Cellarix platform is encrypted according to
the exacting requirements of the PCI DSS standard. All communication processes use the Secure
Socket Layer (SSL) mechanism, which prevents the underlying data from being exposed to unauthorized parties.

Reporting Features
Each time you complete a transaction through Cellarix, you receive a notification email with
details about the purchase. In addition, you can examine online reports of your transactions via
browser or mobile app at any time, in order to review and verify your transactions.

Support for Inquiries
If you have any question or problem regarding your transactions,
you can always contact our customer support personnel via email or phone.