Purchsae after verify

The PurchaseAfterVerify method is used to commit a transaction after the end user has approved it, and following a call to OrderPurchase with validation = Verify. (If OrderPurchase was called with validation = AutoComm, the transaction is charged immediately upon end user confirmation).

Pay attention
Before calling the Cellarix API, the business client must obtain a vendor identification key, generated by Cellarix. This key must be passed with each API call. The format of the key is:
<Key> <KeyObj> <PhoneNumber>Supplier phone number</PhoneNumber> <SecureKey>Secure key from Cellarix</SecureKey> </KeyObj> </Key>

Input Parameters
Parameter Type Description
key string The business client’s vendor identification key.
token string The transaction token returned as a result of calling OrderPurchase.
interfaceType int Possible values are:
• 1 – WEB
• 4 - Application
• 11 - API