Cellarix API Error Codes

The following table summarizes the error codes and messages that Cellarix API methods can produce:

Error codes table
Code Message Description
-1 Operation Failed General operation failure.
-5 Supplier Not Found Supplier not found (Does not exists or incorrect key).
-11 Invalid Order XML Order XML was not sent or is invalid.
-17 Invalid Amount Invalid TotalIncVat parameter value.
-33 Invalid Phone Number Invalid PhoneNumber parameter value.
-53 Empty Phone Number Empty PhoneNumber parameter value.
-55 Wrong Key Invalid sKey (vendor identification key) parameter value.
-72 Amount is bigger than the maximum allowed for this vendor The TotalIncVat parameter value is larger than the transaction price limit defined for this vendor.
-77 Missing Payment Method Missing credit card details or not enough balance in the Cellarix wallet to make the payment.
-105 Invalid Service ID Invalid supplier service ID
-131 Invalid sKey sKey was not sent or is invalid.