Cellarix end user interface pages

When the end user wishes to complete a transaction using the Cellarix payment method, the client application must direct him or her to the Cellarix payment page. Cellarix provides two separate pages: one for browser applications and one for mobile applications. These pages present similar options but are designed slightly differently, as appropriate for the two different environments. The client application must use the Cellarix page (as opposed to implementing this part of the user interface itself) in order to ensure PCI (Payment Card Industry data security standard) compliance.

The Cellarix page allows the end user to enter identification details, payment details and shipping preferences, and to confirm the transaction. The page allows the user to pay either using the Cellarix method, or with a credit card. When the end user approves the transaction in the Cellarix page, the Cellarix server sends the transaction details to the Supplier URL provided in the OrderPurchase call.

To display the Cellarix page, use one of the following URLs as appropriate for your environment, replacing [token] with the specific transaction token:

Cellarix interface url
Environment URL
Web test http://wallettest.cellarix.com:82/free/cpay/web/CPay.aspx?orderToken=[token]
Web production https://www.cellarix.com/free/cpay/web/CPay.aspx?orderToken=[token]
Mobile test http://wallettest.cellarix.com:82/Free/CPay/Mobile/CPayOrder.aspx?OrderToken=[token]
Mobile production https://www.cellarix.com/free/CPay/Mobile/CPayOrder.aspx?OrderToken=[token]
Registration Web test http://wallettest.cellarix.com:82/free/cpay/web/CPayRegStep2.aspx?RegisterToken=[token]
Registration Web production https://www.cellarix.com/free/cpay/web/CPayRegStep2.aspx?RegisterToken=[token]
Registration Mobile test http://wallettest.cellarix.com:82/free/cpay/mobile/CPayRegister1.aspx?RegisterToken=[token]
Registration Mobile production https://www.cellarix.com/free/cpay/mobile/CPayRegister1.aspx?RegisterToken=[token]
Money Transfer Web test http://wallettest.cellarix.com:82/free/cpay/web/CTransfer.aspx?OrderToken=[token]
Money Transfer Web production https://www.cellarix.com/free/cpay/web/CTransfer.aspx?OrderToken=[token]
Money Transfer Mobile test http://wallettest.cellarix.com:82/free/cpay/mobile/CTransferLogin.apsx?OrderToken=[token]
Money Transfer Mobile production https://www.cellarix.com/free/cpay/mobile/CTransferLogin.apsx?OrderToken=[token]

Figure 2. Cellarix Transaction Page for Browser

Figure 3. Cellarix Transaction Page for Mobile